Benefits of installing the Mermaid Assistant Plugin

Start Building Pages In 7 Minutes – To get started, just install and activate the Mermaid Assistant Plugin. Next, import the master Mermaid library .json file. Once uploaded, make a new page, load from library and start building.

Automatic Updates

Get plugin updates directly to your dashboard. Get Mermaid bundle updates as they roll out. No need to manually download and install theme files anymore.

Automatic Css & Script Integration – The Assistant plugin automatically adds all required CSS and script code for styles and animations. No need to add it manually.

Use with Divi or any Divi Child Theme

The Mermaid Assistant Plugin integrates neatly with Divi and Any Divi Child Theme.

Improved Custom Css Changes

90% of style updates are made in the module settings. For the other 10% there is one file that contains all Css rules. Clearly commented and easy to match. Simply find the Css rule. Change the colour and copy paste it to the custom css box. Done.

Can I use the Mermaid Plugin and other Divi Den bundles together?

Absolutely yes!  This is exactly why we made the Mermaid into plugin. So you don’t have to mix two child themes together. The plugin handles all of that. Just install and start building!